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Variety the Children’s Charity of Barbados and Beacon Insurance, have come together to bring cheer to 250 children this Christmas.

Donnah Russell, Executive Director of Variety the Children’s Charity of Barbados, noted that the charity’s annual Christmas party was hosted by Beacon Insurance this year. She thanked Beacon for their generous support at a time when it was most needed and welcomed them on board the Variety family.

The party is a part of Variety’s Future Kids programming which seeks to give children the gift of social experiences and play. For many of them watching the feature film “Peanuts” compliments Olympus Theatres, it was the first time at the movies.

During the movie the children were treated to popcorn drinks and snacks, including the Christmas traditional ham cutter. The day’s activities also included Disco dancing, and a visit from Santa, who handed out treats. As the children left the cinema they were presented with a loot bag compliments Beacon Insurance.

Beacon General Manager, Mr. Brian Hennis, expressed his company’s policy on giving back and said “Beacon was pleased to partner with Variety the Children’s Charity in bringing joy to children during the Christmas season. Variety works tirelessly to ensure that children can enjoy the essence of the holiday season and we are happy to assist, as part of our “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” corporate social responsibility programme.”

Each child at the party also received a gift sponsored by Beacon and a toy donated by the Robinson Smiles Foundation of Washington, USA.

Computers bring Success in the Classroom

In the area of education, Variety continues to support the Special Needs Units with stationery and other items for their everyday usage. One new initiative or this group is the Education ICT Committee. Ashish Uttamchandani, a results-driven professional with significant technical and managerial experience within the ICT industry, chairs the committee which in its short time has donated computers at a value of over $11,000.00 for use by over 100 students.

These numbers belie the real success of this programme. The students who benefit from the programme are all challenged with learning idiosyncrasies which teachers are bound to discover and relate to. Most of them are highly sensory children who are more visual and kinesthetic than auditory and will learn better with the use of computers and other technology devices.

This was proven without a doubt within days of the placing of the first set of computers. Variety received a call from the Erdiston Special Needs School stating that one student, who ordinarily was unresponsive and did not write answers to the mathematical problems given, suddenly was showing his mathematical and English skills on the computer! Success!!

The School reports that this student, and others, continue to interact more forcefully with teachers through the use of the computer programmes that generate bonus games and other interactions for work done correctly.

This programme could not be successful without the assistance of corporate Barbados who donates the computers.

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