Melissa Walcott Pusey graduated from the school of physiotherapy in Jamaica in 1996 and worked in Jamaica until 2004 where she became Head of Physiotherapy for the Mandeville Regional Hospital. Previously she spent two years working in the Bustamante Children Hospital.

Melissa returned to Barbados and started her own business Total Therapy Inc which provides physiotherapy services to patients at home and in an office environment. However she missed treating children and when Variety Barbados provided her with the opportunity to work at the Children’s Development Centre (now A C Graham Development Centre) arose she jumped at it. Since then she has enjoyed caring for these kids and their families as they face challenges specific to their demographic.

Melissa is always available to Variety Barbados when we officially or unofficially need her expert opinion in purchasing mobility devices for children who in need. She willingly offers advice as a professional and as a care giver who loves children. In addition, Melissa attends many of the events we provide for the children just to make sure they are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Melissa is a priceless addition to the Variety team.

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