Kerri Gooding

NICE!! I really do like your writing.” – Donnah Russell, Executive Directive, Variety the Children’s Charity – Tent 73, Barbados.

Kerri Gooding is a collection of words. She is a logophile; a word-lover, but this was not always the case. A journalist for the past four years, Gooding holds a Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and Psychology (Hons). Specialising in social, educational and entertainment news, Gooding is very passionate about her work, and interacts well with people of any age or demographic.

Kerri Gooding is nothing except professional and fully utilises technology to mitigate and solve any issue.

Journalist, poet and blogger, Gooding has evolved over the years from the Mathematics-focused child she was at a younger age. Never once did she dream that a love for words would replace her love for numbers. After reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at age 10, the seed was planted and the love was born.

Today writing daily for a number of publications including The Barbados Advocate, HEAT Magazine and Hello! Magazine, Gooding has interviewed many popular people including international recording artistes such as Beres Hammond, Maroon5, Jennifer Hudson, Hal Linton, Deborah Cox and more.

On the more humanitarian side, she has had the honour of interviewing Senator Floyd Morris of Jamaica and Senator Kerryann Ifill of Barbados, both of whom have overcome their visual impairments to claim the post and title of President of the Senate in their respective countries. These are two interviewees who most standout in her mind over the years.

In addition, she has written biographies for artistes, models and fashion designers, chatted with numerous centenarians, interviewed children with terminal illnesses who can only be discribed as angels on Earth and spoken with politicians about policies that would redound to the benefit of various groups in the Barbadian society.

Experienced in the field of communications having studied Communications Psychology, over the years, Gooding has established a network of contacts and relationships with persons from her home in Barbados, throughout the Caribbean region and the wider world.

Humble, compassionate, assiduous and patient, Gooding fully intends to continue to excel upon the world’s stage. With her words, Kerri Gooding paints pictures and tells stories of people, places and cultures positively, embracing Mahatma Gandhi’s words “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY ARTICLE!!!!!!” – Dj Sunshine, Irie Fm, Jamaica.


“Thanks so much for your coverage for all of our events that you are able to make yourself available for and to include such great coverage.” – Nicole Garofano, Administrative Director, Future Centre Trust.


Kerri was awarded the Variety International’s Media Award for her work with Variety Barbados during the Variety International World Conference held in May 2014 in Barbaods.

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