Featured at Row 2019


Bend Twist Bliss (IG: @bendtwistbliss)

Kay Scantlebury from Bend Twist Bliss is delighted to participate once again in the Variety Row for Charity. On offer will be mini chair massages and refreshing cold towels that teams can enjoy either pre or post-race. The cost is $2 per minute and the service is available from 9am – 1pm. To pre-register for massage simply email info@bendtwistbliss.life to secure your time!

Seawell Fitness Challenge (IG: @seawellfitness)

Still eager for a challenge? Seawell Fitness Centre will be hosting a Fitness Challenge at Row for Charity after the Kayak Relay Races (around 12:45pm). Teams must consist of 2 males and 2 females and each team member is expected to complete 3 tasks: tyre flip, kayak drag and bucket sprint. To sign up please email fitness@seawellbarbados.net by Saturday, June 22nd. Entry is free of cost and the grand prize is compliments of Seawell Fitness Centre.



Ekam Yoga (IG: @ekam.yoga)

Yoga instructor Marita Greenidge of Ekam Yoga will have a free yoga session at Row for Charity immediately after the Swim Relay (around 8:30am). Build strength, improve balance and flexibility while finding a sense of inner peace. Expect fluid movement with smooth transitions from pose to pose integrating your breath with the movement while your mind still has a sense of calm. Just walk with your mat and towel. To sign up please
email mlgreenidge@gmail.com.


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