Car Enthusiasts Donate to Charity

Variety – The Children’s Charity of Barbados received some timely support from the Barbados Classic Car Enthusiasts (BCCE) Friday to help them celebrate the special needs children.

Secretary treasurer of BCCE, George Ullyett, presented a $3 000 cheque to executive director for Variety – The Children’s Charity, Donnah Russell, at Courtesy Garage. Ullyett said it was through the sponsorship of Courtesy Garage and Sagicor that the group was able to make enough to offer the donation
to the charity.

Russell said the charity saw it as a partnership and more than a cheque. “This is not just a cheque presentation because the Barbados Classic Car Enthusiasts work with us to give children experiences as well, and without them these children would not be able to experience the classic cars and that environment. They make a whole outing of it and we bring the children, they feed them, the children get to see the cars and have that social interaction that they would not normally have. “We are really happy and we now see them as partners as they don’t only give us money, they give us support – and that is the kind of partnership that we like.”

Russell said that the money will go towards rewarding the special needs children who sat the Barbados
Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination, familiarly known as the Common Entrance Examination or 11-plus.

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